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Tracy C. Miller
Founder & Former Prosecutor
Domestic Violence Legal Center®


Tracy C. Miller has been a practicing Attorney for 15 years and is the Founder of Domestic Violence Legal Center®. Tracy’s legal career began in 1999 where she worked as a certified law clerk for the Orange and Riverside County District Attorney’s Offices. Upon becoming a licensed attorney, Tracy immediately worked as a Deputy District Attorney, where she promoted quickly to Felony Prosecutor in the Vertical Domestic Violence Unit at the Riverside District Attorney’s Office. Tracy was raised in a low-income earner family. She is the eldest of 5 siblings, worked part-time during high school, and full-time throughout undergraduate and law school. Prior working in the public sector, Tracy’s career in law began working as a receptionist in a firm at age 18. Tracy self-funded her entire education. She is the first and only in her family to obtain a graduate degree and professional license. Prior to her legal licensure, Tracy elevated to a senior legal assistant, and then a law clerk for Family Law, Criminal Law, and Civil Practice Firms. Over a decade ago, Tracy opened a Southern California private “cross-over” law practice focusing on protective orders in the areas of Civil Harassment, Family Law and Criminal Law (prosecution and defense). Tracy expanded Domestic Violence Legal Center® to Northern California in 2016 via the firm’s pro-bono litigation concerning collaborative victim representation with the Sargent Shriver Custody Project of the San Francisco Bar Association Justice and Diversity Center. Tracy was elected President of the South Orange County Bar Association for term 2012-2013. Tracy provides continuing education lectures for lawyers and is published concerning protective and restraining orders. Her training and experience in prosecution and defense makes Tracy an effective advocate for both victims and the wrongfully accused. Tracy is a member of the BASF Family Law and Solo Practitioner Sections, the Orange County Bar Association and SFLN. Tracy participates in public service for Bar Associations as a frequent lecturer concerning Domestic Violence as part of a “Speakers Bureau,” whose goal is to better educate the citizens about the legal system. Tracy served as an Adjunct Professor of Law teaching Pre-Trial Criminal Litigation from August 2014-December 2015, and continues to give back to her alma mater as a guest lecturer in law school courses involving Family, Criminal and Civil law. Tracy also spends pro-bono time regularly acting as an “appellate justice” Moot Court panelist. There Tracy assesses and provides critiques concerning law students’ oral arguments. Tracy also provides pro-bono and other services to Domestic Violence victims and shelters associated with Laura’s House, Legal Aid Society, and WISE Place home. A current case[1] of interest is Tracy’s Victims’ rights criminal representation as a private prosecutor and advocate under Marsy’s law, representing one of the largest Domestic Violence Shelters Statewide.                           ________________________


                           [1] People v. S. Marchand, OCSC Case Number 17HF1070:  Tracy’s current representation in this matter is under the California Victim’s Bill of Rights Act of 2008 and California Constitution Article I, Section 28(e) involving alleged firearm threat against Laura’s House.