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Jethro S. Busch
Steven Adair MacDonald & Partners, P.C.

I am licensed as an attorney at law, and am a member in good standing duly admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court, the federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal, several United States District Courts, and all the courts of the State of California. I have been practicing law in California since 1981. My practice consists primarily of civil litigation and real estate work. Over the last 35+ years, I have (among other things) tried cases, mediated and arbitrated disputes, handled appeals, and participated in hundreds of motions with a high degree of success. I am also a published author in the real estate field, served for five (5) years on the Executive Committee of the Real Property Law Section of the State Bar of California, and served for several years as the co-chair of the State Bar Landlord-Tenant Subsection. I have taught numerous continuing legal education classes, including real property law programs at the State Bar Annual Meetings (including 2002-2010, and 2012), at various State Bar Section Education Institutes, and at several of the Real Property Law Section’s Annual Retreats (most recently in May, 2016). I routinely represent clients in arbitration and lawsuits. However, I also help clients avoid or informally resolve disputes through preemptive legal advice, by assisting clients in negotiating and drafting contracts, and by representing clients in mediation.